✨ Shine On! Be Vivid with Reflective Tees (S-5XL) 🇮🇳

499 (price exclusive of GST)

Stand out, stay bright, express yourself! Manmarzee’s “Vivid” tees glow with style (men & women). Shop now & rock your unique vibe in silver shine! ✨

Be the brightest star in the crowd with Manmarzee’s “Vivid” reflective tees! This one-word wonder speaks volumes about your bold personality and love for all things eye-catching. Crafted from premium cotton with a silver reflective print, this unisex tee shines under lights, turning heads wherever you go. Rock it at concerts, late-night adventures, or simply to let the world know you’re one-of-a-kind. Get ready to radiate positivity and fun – order your “Vivid” tee today! ✨

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Life’s a stage, so shine like the spotlight! Manmarzee’s “Vivid” reflective tees are your cue to embrace your individuality and leave a lasting impression. This simple yet powerful word reflects who you are – bold, expressive, and full of life. The silver print catches the light, transforming your tee into a dazzling statement piece. Made from 100% comfy cotton, it’s perfect for dancing the night away, expressing your artistic side, or simply soaking up the good vibes. ✨

Available in a full range of sizes from S to 5XL, we cater to every vibrant soul (men & women!). Share the shine with your squad and rock these tees together. Ditch the dullness, grab your glow sticks, and let Manmarzee’s trendy tees be your daily reminder to embrace your unique flair and light up the world! Remember, sometimes all you need is a good tee, a positive attitude, and a touch of reflective magic – and the “Vivid” tee delivers on all three! ✨

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✨ Shine On! Be Vivid with Reflective Tees (S-5XL) 🇮🇳
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