Real & Blunt AF: Graphic Tees for True Souls (Men & Women) ✌

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Truth bomb alert! Rock Manmarzee’s “Straight Shooter” tee & share your honest vibes! Super comfy & stylish for stoners who keep it real (men & women!). Shop now & chill with authenticity!

Down-to-earth & loud ‘n proud? Manmarzee’s weed tees keep it real! Super comfy & stylish for blunt babes & dudes (all sizes!). Shop now & embrace your true colors!

Keep it real with Manmarzee’s “Straight Shooter” tees! These comfy designs (S-5XL) celebrate your unfiltered honesty and no-nonsense attitude, reminding everyone you say what you mean and mean what you say. Rock this tee on your next debate night, smoke sesh with your crew, or simply to let the world know you’re a real one who keeps it genuine. Get ready to speak your truth – order your “Straight Shooter” tee today! ✨

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Life’s a conversation, so start it with authenticity! Manmarzee’s “Straight Shooter” tees are your megaphone for honest vibes, embracing raw, unfiltered expression with playful messages that resonate with real ones. Made from premium cotton in sizes S-5XL, these tees fit every body like a comfortable truth bomb. Perfect for sharing opinions, sparking debates, or simply soaking up the good vibes with your like-minded crew. ✨

Available in a full range of sizes to cater to honest souls of all shapes and sizes (men & women!). Share the real with your squad and rock these tees together. Ditch the filters, grab your favorite blunt, and let Manmarzee’s weed tees be your daily reminder to own your voice and keep it real – always. Remember, sometimes all you need is a good tee, a good dose of honesty, and the courage to be your authentic self – and the “Straight Shooter” tee delivers on all three!


Black, Coffee Brown, Petrol Blue, Steel Grey


S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL


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Real & Blunt AF: Graphic Tees for True Souls (Men & Women) ✌
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