Generate some excitement for your Organisation – Mankee Corporate T-Shirts

Do you have a company event scheduled and want to generate some excitement for your Organisation?

Fuel Up the excitement, Ignite the Passion.
Company staff and crew are an organization’s greatest assets. It is important to reward their good work, find ways to keep them motivated, and make them feel welcome within the organization.
T-Shirts paired with your logo can do just that.
Your own customized products are perfect for an on boarding package welcoming new faces to the office, rewarding personnel for accomplishing internal goals, or a simple token and way of saying ‘thank you’ for the work they’ve done.
Products like T-shirts and hats can also be the centerpiece of team building activities aimed at bringing your group closer together.

Mankee Tees can help you find the right products to support the causes that matter to your business the most!
Let’s re-enforce the vision and Mission.

Just Slapping a Logo on a T-Shirt is Passe , We need to do more than that, Share your event theme – and we will design a t-shirt around that.
This will re emphasize the Goal and also bring the team together.

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